We have separated a list with some important topics to be said during the selection process in a concise and practical way. If you think that anxiety can hamper your performance, rehearse your answers a little before the chat and study the content so you don’t get caught off guard. Check out the tips:

1 – Present yourself with what really matters

The most common phrase from recruiters at the beginning of an interview is to know a little more about you and your professional life. At this point, several candidates choose to tell the professional experiences they have had since they started working, often gathering unnecessary information and taking the time that should be allocated to what really matters.

Once your job interview is scheduled, check what position you are applying for and what the company does so that you can summarize what you have already done that fits the job profile. For example, if you’re looking for a job as a copywriter, it might not be ideal to talk about an internship in a completely different field. Focus only on what is needed.

2 – Explain your academic and professional trajectory

In order to get where you are, it was necessary to go through some professional and academic experiences. If you have planned your next steps in the job market or if you simply managed to align your academic training with the career you decided to follow, tell the interviewer why you made each choice.

It is important that, at this point, you explain that you have ambitions and are organized to know in which direction you are going. Long- and medium-term strategic planning, the ability to keep the flow of new moments organized and keep an eye on trends are soft skills that are increasingly in demand.

3 – Make a summary of your latest work

Typically, job interviews tend to last an average of 1 hour. So when you can summarize a specific subject, do it. There are recruiters who have schedules to ask questions and know the answers and simply don’t do it because the candidate spent all of the interview time on one topic, eliminating the chances of getting into the vacancy.

See your latest professional experiences that make sense for the position you are applying for and summarize them. This technique is also interesting for professionals who change companies frequently and do not want to emphasize this detail in job interviews.

4 – Count your differences

Most people have a professional background, but what is your biggest differential? The recruiter is always looking for innovative professionals who have unique characteristics, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by. 

You can also point out how having this skill facilitated the journey of employment at the last company or projects that worked well because of this differential. The important thing is to understand that, when doing a job interview, you will need to sell your image and your professional baggage, so be prepared to tell your skills.

5 – Talk about your successful projects

This is certainly a very interesting topic. In the job interview, it is common for the interviewer to want to see in practice how the professional will be able to help lead the company on a successful path.

Therefore, presenting projects (as long as they do not have confidential information) and cases is essential to be able to show where your strengths are and how they can be useful. Start by talking about a project or event that made you very proud to have participated and explain why.

You can also talk about the points that you would like to have improved later or even talk about developed projects that did not go ahead and explain what you learned from this experience.

6 – Show that you have researched the company

Recruiters always love to know that before a job interview, the candidate has prepared and researched what the company does. Enter the site, do Google searches, study the history, values ​​and mission of the company and be prepared with doubts and questions related to it. The more knowledge you have, the more you demonstrate that you dedicated yourself to the interview.

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