Do you know what Systems Analysis and Development is and its importance within companies? With the increasing technological dominance, the Information Technology market grows uninterruptedly. And, not to be left behind, companies are increasingly investing in this market. 

Systems Analysis and Development stands out! So, if you are interested in this market, read on and check out everything about this course.

System Analysis and Development is responsible for what?

Among the main activities of the Systems Analysis and Development area, we have the functions of analyzing, studying, designing, testing, implementing, developing and managing information systems. Finally, in general, this area is responsible, for example, for data analysis, software development and administration of computer systems. 

The Systems Analysis and Development course is training focused on the job market. So, during their training, the student has contact with practical classes focused on the experience in companies. 

In this way, the systems analyst and developer, through computerized systems, develop technological solutions according to the needs and demands of the company. 

For this, this professional collects and analyzes specific data in order to design a system, which may involve the creation, for example, of software for problem solving or process optimization.  

Where to work as a systems analyst and developer?

The systems analyst and developer is one of the most sought after professionals today. Thus, due to the relevance of this professional in the job market, he is required in several sectors, being able to act as a freelancer, analyst, consultant, in short, there are several possibilities. 

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In this scenario, the Systems Analysis and Development professional has opportunities in places such as:

  • technology and project development companies;
  • organizations focused on the services, industry and commerce sector;
  • research centers and educational institutions;
  • public agencies. 

It is noticed that the analyst and systems developer occupies almost all spaces, being essential for the business organization, mainly. 

It is important to emphasize that this professional needs to be in constant training, in order to keep up with changes and updates in information technologies and market dynamics.

What to do after the Systems Analysis and Development course?

As we have seen, the Information Technology area increasingly dominates the market, becoming essential and indispensable for all organizations that want to grow and remain competitive. 

That said, there is no shortage of work and opportunities for the systems analyst. Among the areas of activity, those that are most sought after and highlighted are:

Database Administration

With the amount of information shared daily on the network, there is a concern to store and use this data securely. So, to handle data storage and protection, every company must have a database administrator. 

This professional will be responsible, basically, for the management, organization and maintenance of the information made available to the company.

Information Architecture

This area is responsible for organizing the interface of a web page, application or software in a way that is understandable and easy to use. Thus, the information architect develops the page with the user experience in mind, in an interactive and easy-to-navigate design.  

Software development

As its name suggests, this area of ​​activity is focused on the creation and development of software aimed at a specific demand. 

And, for this, the professional needs to go through some steps, such as requirements gathering and analysis, design, implementation, testing and, finally, deployment. 

Network administration

Currently, all organizations work with network access and, therefore, the network administrator is so necessary. It is this professional who will work on device maintenance, file configuration and so that networks continue to work without problems. 

In addition, the network administrator is also responsible for information security and network updating and management. 

These are just a few areas of expertise in Systems Analysis and Development, however, the opportunities and options for professionalization are diverse. In fact, the systems analyst and developer is one of the most sought after and valued professionals in the market, and, as explained, this demand only tends to grow. 


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