The turbulent dynamics of the market and the consequent search for multi potential professionals increased the demand for people with a degree in Business Administration. This is because the Administration course presents an extensive variety of areas of study and training. But what does a person with a degree in Administration do?

Despite the name itself referring to something more generic, the professional graduated in Administration works in several positions and segments. It is therefore indispensable for the proper functioning of any organization

Are you thinking about getting a degree in this area, but you don’t know what a person with a degree in Administration does? Check out some important information to make that decision!

What should I know about the Business Administration course?

To understand what a person with a degree in Administration does, it is necessary to know that the course is composed of disciplines in the areas of Exact and Humanities. In this way, the bachelor’s degree in Administration offers the student many possibilities of acting and professionalization, that is, it is a generalist course. 

In fact, because of its wide scope, it is one of the most sought after graduations in Brazil. According to data from the 2018 Higher Education Census, more than 1 million people enrolled in courses in the area of ​​Administration.  

During 4 years, the administration student will learn, for example, management methods, business and financial organization, leadership techniques and strategic planning, among other skills.  

But how much does a professional with a degree in Administration earn? As with all professions, the amount varies according to the position and the years of career. A beginner professional earns, on average, R$ 2 thousand realis and, over time, can earn about R$ 5 thousand realis. 

To better understand what makes a person with a degree in Administration, this highly sought after area, below we detail the main points you need to know about the Administration course. Keep reading and check it out! 

What are the subjects of the Administration course? 

In the first years of the Administration course, the student will study some basic concepts of Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Law, Sociology, Philosophy, Ethics, among other more general subjects. 

Early on, students are also introduced to more specific concepts such as Human Resources, Logistics, Marketing, Management and Strategic Planning, Management and Organization Theory, Production Management, Financial and Budget Management, etc. 

In addition to the subjects mentioned, the Business Administration course has subjects focused on technological and scientific studies, such as Scientific Methodology, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, Technological Innovation and Market Analysis.

This is an overview of the basic curriculum of the Administration course. However, each educational institution develops the course menu according to its methods and objectives. 

Therefore, if you intend to study Business Administration, it is interesting to research the curriculum of each institution and analyze which best fits your professional objective.

How long is the business school?

On average, the Administration course lasts 4 years, and in the first half of the course, the student goes through more basic and general concepts. In the second half, the student begins to choose a professional path to follow. Therefore, it is very important, even before starting the course, to know what a person with a degree in Administration does.

In the final year, normally, the student must present a course conclusion work, which can be in the traditional monograph format (TCC) or with the presentation of a case study project. In addition to a final work, the student must also do the mandatory internship, which is responsible for starting their career as a professional. 

Finally, what does a person with a degree in Business Administration do? After graduating, the Bachelor of Business Administration can work in several areas, from supervisory positions to management positions. This is because, as already mentioned, the course has a general curriculum, that is, with diversified training in various fields.

But, if it is still not clear to you what the role of an administrator is, follow in more detail, below, what a person with a degree in Administration does.

What can a person with a degree in management do?

As mentioned earlier, the Administration course covers both the field of Exacts (logistics, finance, accounting, etc.) and the field of Humanities (organizational planning, people management, HR, etc.). In this sense, the trained professional can work in numerous sectors and markets, whether in the industrial, commercial, business or public sector.

In a company, for example, the administrator has the function of planning, organizing and controlling HR. Likewise, he can also act in finance and business management.

Still, the professional can opt for something more flexible, such as providing administration and management consulting, developing strategies to improve the organization and internal relationship of a company. 

The professional trained in Administration is also indispensable in the public sector. We can see him, for example, working in the area of ​​health management in hospitals, or working in city councils, as in the position of Network Administrator.  

Due to the extensive training and qualification, the Administration course is very interesting (and essential) to train multidisciplinary professionals. These professionals, in turn, tend to have great technical skills (hard skills) and behavioral skills (soft skills), which are highly desired and valued in the job market.

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