Why do you deserve to be hired? This is a question that you will probably hear in many job interviews and the answer should always be on the tip of your tongue. It’s a question you shouldn’t just be able to answer an interviewer, but yourself, every day.

It may seem strange, but asking yourself why you should be hired and how you differ from others is an exercise that can help you get that job you’re looking for so much. When we look for answers to this type of question, it is common for us to find in ourselves points to be improved, which is very good for achieving career success.

So, if you’re looking for a good job or fighting for a much-desired job, keep reading and check out now 3 things you need to be hired by a good company!

a good resume

To be hired by a good company, one thing you certainly need to have is a good resume. It is nothing more than your professional identity and is often the first thing the interviewer will see about you. It is with this document that he will begin to build a first impression on you, so it is essential that your resume is up to date and impeccable. Otherwise, you may not even be selected for the interview.

A good resume should always be properly filled in with your skills, training, experiences and results so far. In addition, it should also contain some personal information and your updated contact details. Preferably, with more than one contact number. All this in a summarized and objective way, not more than two pages.

Technical capitation

Being able to fill the vacancy you are applying for is a crucial point when it comes to being hired or not. After all, a good company looks for good professionals, capable of executing what is proposed in the work routine.

In order to have technical training, it is very important to invest in good courses, even if you are already a graduate or a technician in the area, often this is not enough. Always seek to update yourself, invest in yourself as a professional, a graduate degree, an MBA, a free course, or even an exchange abroad are excellent ways to specialize in your area and will count for many points on your resume. This is an investment with a guaranteed return.

Emotional intelligence

Believe me, it is not always that the best resume is chosen to fill the vacancy. There are other factors that also count a lot when it comes to getting a job or not, and one of them is emotional intelligence. In these days, where everything happens very fast and there are demands coming from all sides, having emotional intelligence to work well in a team, dealing with the adversities and pressures that will inevitably arise is essential.

So, if this is not one of your strengths, work to improve, as it will help you a lot to get hired. After all, your emotional intelligence will be of great help, from the moment you enter the room for the job interview, showing that you are calm, calm to talk about yourself and your experiences, and acting with confidence.

It may seem like little, but these three things, as simple as they seem, can make all the difference when it comes to being hired for that job you so desperately want. So prepare a good resume, show your skills and use all your emotional intelligence to do a good interview when the time comes.

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