Who doesn’t like to be noticed, right? In many aspects of life, it is very important to be able to present ourselves clearly and objectively, especially to make our qualities evident.

In everyday life, social networks, for example, help us in the formation of our image and, with this, we are able to show experiences and personality with some ease. In the professional environment, the résumé is responsible for our business card.

Normally, for those who are starting activities in the job market, it is a great challenge to develop a document that is immediately attractive to recruiters.

In this article, we’ve separated the top 5 resume mistakes that can leave you aside when being recruited for the job of your dreams. Check out!

1. Absence of purpose

One of the most important factors for the recruiter is to know what the candidate wants for the career. This helps the company to select the people who most fulfill the desired skills for that vacancy.

Therefore, it is essential that, when preparing your resume, you make it clear what your priorities are within the job market. By demonstrating focus on your goals, the chance of passing security is greater.

Oh! But how do I do it? Try to be consistent with your training, especially to get an internship. Looking for jobs that are related to your studies helps you get recruiters’ attention.

2. Untrue information

Credibility is one of the most important points for those who want to enter and remain in the professional environment. Therefore, it is useless to put false information in order to try to enhance your profile for those who are going to evaluate you.

Putting experiences, you never had, or diplomas you didn’t earn, can bring problems in a possible technical test that the candidate needs to do within the selection for the vacancy. And it would be very ugly not to know how to perform the functions that were on the resume.

If the untrue information mentioned in the CV is discovered, the trust that the company could have goes down. So always speak the truth!

3. Excess of data

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes. The desire to show knowledge and experiences often speaks louder, and the resume ends up being full of information.

This can be uncomfortable for the evaluator. With so many documents to read, the tendency is for the focus to be on those in which the recruiter catches his eye and easily identifies the information he is looking for.

So don’t be fooled! Study well the requirements of the position for which you want to apply and put in your resume the information that is most relevant to that opportunity.

4. Outdated information

Changes in home address, phone number, email address and @’s on social media can be very common in anyone’s life.

What cannot happen is not to update this information when sending the resume to recruiters. After all, the last thing you want is for them not to be able to contact you to schedule your long-awaited recruiting interview and, who knows, a start date on your new job or internship!

What also cannot be outdated, for example, is the information regarding the studies. Change of campus and course period are essential for a good evaluation of your curriculum, as well as improvement or postgraduate courses that you may take.

So keep an eye on your basic data so you don’t have a problem!

5. Use of ready-made templates

Your document layout should be attractive and unique. By thinking about it, you can also give your own personal touch to the document.

When using ready-made resume templates, there is a risk that others just like yours will appear, which can generate an idea that it was done anyway. Be creative and create a document that looks like you! A good idea is to use a base template, but adapt it for a personal touch.

In addition to the tips mentioned, below we separate a checklist to ensure an even more attractive document and avoid the main mistakes in the curriculum:

  • avoid leaving it too long;
  • review before delivering. Preferably, have a friend or teacher take a look;
  • be sincere;
  • always update your information;
  • leave your name and contact information prominently within the document.

Remember that the resume is the first presentation for a position within the company that you want so much. So, keep in mind that taking a good time to plan it calmly, and in the best way, can be what will make you stand out among so many competitors.

Here comes the famous saying: “Hurry is the enemy of perfection”. So, it’s important to have the patience to do it and redo it once, twice, three times or as many times as necessary until the document is as complete as possible for your big break.

The CV is an essential factor when evaluating a candidate, as it provides objective and clear information about their profile and helps to proceed with the application. So, to avoid the main mistakes in the resume, don’t despair if you don’t have experience, and don’t get excited, if you have a lot of information to put. Follow our tips carefully and build a differentiated resume!

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