Passing the entrance exam is a major concern for young peoples who dream of a university. And there is no magic formula: you have to look into books. However, knowing how to organize the time to study is a challenge, even more so when we try to reconcile our personal life with studies.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some tips on how to organize the time to study for the entrance exam and have greater control of your daily activities. Thus, you will enjoy the best phase of your life and still win a place within a renowned university. Keep reading!

How to organize yourself to study in the course?

The incursion is nothing more than a preparatory environment for the entrance exam. Therefore, those who decide to spend a year in the prep course need to know how to organize their time to study in the best possible way, participating in classes and performing the exercises requested by the teachers.

Ideally, you should set a study schedule for most of your day, but be careful not to exhaust your body. For better time management and studies, we advise you to gradually increase the hours you spend studying, but without neglecting other day-to-day activities, such as sleeping well, meal times and, of course, leisure periods. .

How to organize time to study at home?

Since the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, many college students have had to adapt their study routines at home. This was really a challenge for both students and teachers.

However, knowing how to organize the time to study at home can make all the difference in your performance during the entrance exam. In addition, you have the opportunity to develop self-taught learning and have greater control over time management and studies – skills that are highly valued in the market!

Some tips on how to organize time to study at home are:

  1. Have a reserved environment for studies;
  2. Set aside time in your day just to study;
  3. Turn off devices that can distract you (cell phones, TV, etc.);
  4. Divide the days of the week dedicated to each subject.

At first, it may even seem difficult. But, little by little, you will organize yourself better and you will see how productive your study routine will be, even at home.

Tools for time and study management 

If even learning how to organize your time to study, you’re still struggling, it’s worth investing in some time and study management tools that make all the difference! In this way, with the help of technology, you will enjoy the hours of the day much more, with more productivity and commitment. Below, find out about some of them.


Trello is one of the most popular programs for time and study management. With it, you can create a to-do list, separating the subjects you need to study, what you are already studying and the contents you have completed. There, it is also possible to establish timetables for completion of tasks.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an app that sends you weekly reports to show you what is “stealing your time”. That is, what day-to-day activities are compromising your productivity (for example, spending a lot of time on your cell phone instead of studying!).


Evernote is a free productivity tool that lets you capture ideas and drafts. In addition, you can even record a reading aloud, or even meetings, interviews, speeches, among other things. This can help when studying, especially for young people who are increasingly connected to digital.

Tips for organizing study time for the entrance exam

Now that you are prepared with time and study management tools, it is much simpler to organize your time to study for the entrance exam. However, it is still important to take into account a few points:

establish a routine

Having a study routine is the first step to knowing how to organize your time to study. After all, the lack of planning can compromise your productivity, causing you to pay attention to not-so-important day-to-day activities.

Solve old college entrance exams

Since your focus is to pass the entrance exam, it is worth researching some old tests and trying to do them as part of your studies. Nowadays, you can find old college entrance exams on university websites.

Write more than one essay

Writing is a very important part of the entrance exam. Therefore, we recommend that you write more than one essay per week. The ideal is to produce at least 3 essays, with different themes. Remember to search for the most latent issues today!

Is there a way to study one month before the entrance exam?

Knowing how to organize your time to study makes all the difference in your performance for the entrance exam. Therefore, instead of waiting for the day before the test, it is much more worthwhile to plan for the long term, so as not to fall into despair.But, if you decided to study with a month to go before the test, the ideal is to focus on emergency strategies. For example, it is very likely that you will not be able to review all your high school subjects, so focus on solving previous entrance exams.

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