In simple terms, being self-taught is conquering the ability to learn something by yourself through a permanent search not only for knowledge, but for opportunities to learn. 

In fact, throughout our lives, we are always learning things. This happens when we listen to music, read newspapers, talk to friends, observe the weather and even other people. 

But when we think about exercising a profession, being self-taught means being able to structure the entire learning process necessary to assimilate the contents that will serve to perform specific activities. 

How to do this? Today, we are going to give you tips so you can make your desire to learn independently come true. Will you continue with us?

Why learn to be self-taught?

Not everything a person needs to know to be an excellent professional is in the training courses: the self-taught person goes further, crosses information from different fields and combines it so that new solutions, methods and techniques are incorporated into their activities.

In addition to seeking to improve your knowledge on your own, preparing to practice a trade or simply to learn everything you want, being self-taught brings other benefits:

  • learn at your own pace and in the way that is most convenient for you;
  • get knowledge about the things that interest you the most, but that for some reason never had space in your life;
  • discover that you can do this and feel more motivated to expand your knowledge.

How to be self-taught?

You can build this process any way you want. Still, there is one thing that should be practiced by any self-taught, beginner or with more experience: dedicate a regular time interval to a specific subject that you want to learn.

Likewise, self-education depends a lot on your learning style: there are people who prefer to spend many days in a row dedicated to the search for knowledge and consume everything they can on a certain subject. Others may work better by learning a little every day. 

In general terms, this process can be structured as follows:

#01 Consume information

You’re not going to learn something new without first consuming all the information you can about it. In this sense, the first thing you need to incorporate into your process is to identify sources of information that contribute to your purpose. 

Basically, there are two ways to get knowledge about something: consuming content or getting in touch with people. 

In the first case, look for books , pages, podcasts, documentaries or other sources associated with what you want to learn. In the second, try to get in touch with professionals who are a reference in the subject and talk as much as you can about your topic of interest. 

#02 Apply the information

Assimilating content and talking to leading professionals is great, but if you stop there, you will not have understood the true purpose of learning how to be self-taught: more than consuming information, you will only transform it into knowledge without applying what you have learned. 

If consumption is the first step, the second is production. Learning takes time, effort and a certain amount of failed attempts: it is also when we make mistakes doing something that we learn how it really can be done better. Whatever you want to learn, find a way to practice it.

#03 Connect the information

Once you’ve spent time consuming information and applying knowledge, the time comes when self-education shows its full potential. This happens when you automatically start making connections with different allindiastudents.comfields of knowledge. 

The best professionals are those who are able to think outside the box , those who are able to go beyond their field of activity and establish relationships between different experiences and areas. At this point, you will have achieved the real goal of being self-taught: increasing your intelligence.

Being self-taught is a fundamental competence to stand out in your career , after all, those who learn constantly update knowledge, develop critical thinking, become more creative and innovative. 

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