After submitting your CV, going through the entire selection process and doing the job interview: you’ve finally been approved. Now, the next challenge is to succeed on the first day of work. The first time doing a new activity always causes a lot of anxiety. At work it’s no different, even if it’s not your first job. After all, making a good impression from the start is key to helping you set up a new professional space.

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To help you alleviate some of the nervousness, we’ve made a list of some tips on how to make a good impression on your first day at work and adapt to your new routine more easily. Follow the post and check it out!

Be Punctual

The first step to doing well on the first day of work is to avoid any delays, whether on arrival at the place, or in the delivery of documents, or in carrying out the tasks – even if it is at home office.
To get started, schedule yourself to arrive at the work place at least 15 minutes in advance. To do this, see how long it takes you from your house to the place and check if you are going out at a time of high traffic. Don’t forget to set the alarm clock to wake up at the right time and check the most appropriate means of transport, in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances.
If you work from a home office, make sure you have everything you need to start activities at the scheduled time, such as internet access, computer on, webcam positioned, among other important points.
It is essential to be punctual at check-out time as well. Don’t think that staying late will attract the attention of your supervisors. However, it is also not cool to leave early on the first day of work.

Pay Close Attention

Keep an eye on the details so you can pick up the pace of the business routine more easily. On the first day, it is common for people to show different news in order to present the work environment. For this reason, do your best to pay attention to what they say and not miss any important information.
Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand an internal task or procedure in the place where you started working. It is best to resolve this in the first few days, which are, in fact, dedicated to learning.

Relate Well

Cultivating a good relationship with co-workers can only offer benefits to your professional day-to-day, and this can be done even on the first day in the new job. Be kind and introduce yourself as a new collaborator to the people who will share the environment with you.
Also, avoid conflicts, especially in the first days of work. Always seek to maintain non-violent communication and healthy dialogue. After work, it’s worth engaging on the social networks you’ve had the most contact with, such as LinkedIn. With this, it is possible to set up a good network, something fundamental for professional development and success.
Another important tip is to know how to respect differences. Currently, it is possible to find more and more diversity in companies. Therefore, in the work environment, you will have contact with people from the most varied origins, cultures, beliefs and ideologies. Respect needs to be paramount for a good relationship.

Show Discipline and Responsibility

Showing that you are a responsible person and that you have discipline from the first day on the job will greatly improve your professional image, especially in the eyes of your supervisors. Therefore, in addition to punctuality, always value organization, dedication to carrying out your activities, attention to company standards, among other attitudes that show responsibility and discipline.

Dress according to the environment

Not all work environments have a uniform or dress code to follow. However, there are clothes suitable for every type of occasion. So, make sure you choose your outfits as well.
The ideal is to avoid necklines, excess accessories and very informal pieces. In addition, always ensure hygiene. Wear clean clothes, shower, use perfume, clean your nails, comb your hair and avoid exaggeration.

Know the rules of the place

No matter how relaxed the work environment, it will still present a set of rules aimed at the conduct of employees and good coexistence in the place. Such standards may be in writing or passed to you orally. Therefore, the importance of paying close attention on the first day is reinforced.
Be aware of corporate standards and follow them with dedication. Also check if there are any standards among employees at the location, such as the type of e-mail signature, the internal use of electronic devices, the tone of voice, among others.

Take control of your anxiety

It is practically inevitable not to show anxiety on the first day of work. As it is something new, nervousness and insecurity will arise. The important thing is to know how to dose them so that they do not interfere with your performance or cause a negative impression.
To prepare yourself better, sleep well the night before. This involves turning off screens (cell phone, computer, television, among others), making the bed, eating light foods at night and, if necessary, meditating. This helps relieve anxiety for the next day and get quality sleep.
During your commute to work, listen to calming, calming music. If you have a favorite book, it’s worth taking it along on the way. Want another tip? Create self-affirmation phrases, remembering your potential. After all, you won the spot!
At work, whenever you feel your nervousness building up, take a few seconds to breathe consciously, have a glass of water, and of course, don’t feel shy about apologizing if you show too much anxiety. Supervisors are already expecting behavior like this; the important thing, however, is not to lose professionalism.


Something that helps even more in your preparation is to know a little better the place where you will start working. Research the history and philosophy of the place, see what are the most recent achievements and discover information about the segment. This offers an advantage when it comes to understanding the workings of the environment.
Knowing how to behave on the first day of work is really a difficult task. However, by following these tips, you have everything you need to get out of hand and win over your colleagues and work supervisors. So control your nervousness and dedicate yourself to performing well from the start.

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