In recent years the term startup has gained more and more space in the market. But do you know what it means? Do you understand the differentials of a startup and what kind of professional these companies are looking for? Is this type of job for you?

Read this article and find the answer to all these questions. Take the opportunity to also understand what are the golden tips to secure a spot in a startup right now!

After all, what is a startup?

Startups are companies that have gained prominence in recent years due to the potential for innovation and growth, even in times of crisis. They adopt a business model and culture that is totally different from large organizations, which made the emergence of these institutions revolutionize the entire market.

This type of company has some outstanding characteristics, such as:

  • they are scalable: they can grow without having to proportionally increase the number of people working or the physical structure of the company;
  • maintains a relaxed atmosphere;
  • they have an expiration date, which means that the startup has two possible paths: close or acquire characteristics of a structured company, even if it maintains the culture of innovation;
  • operate in a highly unstable environment.

What is a job opening in startups like?

Faced with a company so different from traditional ones, it is expected that vacancies in startups will also require specific skills from professionals. In addition, the characteristics of work in this type of company are also quite different from what is done in large organizations.

In startups, there is less concern with the academic background of the professional, valuing the experiences and willingness to learn. This is because it is understood that training and titles are worthless without experience and motivation on the part of employees.

The environment also has a more horizontal structure and often all employees share the same space. Everyone can give ideas and modify processes, the environment is conducive to collaboration and innovation.

Forget suits and ties when talking about startups. In these companies, you can express your individuality and wear comfortable clothes to work, with exceptions such as customer visits.

Finally, the vacancy in a startup usually does not specify the functions to be performed by the employee. That’s because it’s a constantly changing business, which means that you can perform several different processes according to the company’s needs.

What is the professional profile of those who work in startups?

Now it’s time to understand a little about the profile of professionals working in startups. Discover some skills shared by most of them:

  • they are restless and nonconformist;
  • they are not afraid to take risks;
  • they even question their own certainties;
  • they don’t like routine;
  • they are easy to deal with technology;
  • they are collaborative and innovative;
  • they don’t care about status or social position.

How to get a spot in startups?

And now, are you interested in getting a job in a startup? Then find out how to secure this position right now!

study about the market

The market is constantly changing and it is essential that you understand what are the next trends in the startup area in which you want to enter.


Don’t be afraid to question processes and resolve doubts during the process. Startups value nonconformist and curious people.

be proactive

Proactivity is essential for you to secure your spot in startups. So show that competence in dynamics and think outside the box.

Invest in your development

You don’t need to be a perfect professional to secure a spot in startups, but it is essential to be willing to learn new things all the time. So invest in your own development.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

A startup works in an environment of great uncertainty and the chances of failure are high. Therefore, learn to put your ideas into practice, understanding the risks, but without fear of making mistakes.

The startup environment requires constant updating on the part of professionals involved in this type of business. So, if you dream of a position in startups, keep researching on the subject and developing yourself to ensure the success of your professional path.

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